VICTORIAN 1837-1901 & EDWARDIAN 1901-1910

Early in the Victorian period women’s costume featured large puffed ‘leg-o-mutton’ sleeves, elaborate hairstyles and large hats. Skirts increased in diameter and became so full that they needed to be supported by crinolines or hoops.

Evening gowns were elaborate with low neck lines. Long over the elbow or shoulder length gloves, choker necklaces and jewelled collars were popular.

Towards the end of the period there was a gradual return to a narrow silhouette and the return of the bustle. Waistlines were low and tiny below a full, low bust supported by a tight corset. Skirts were looped, draped, or tied up in various ways, and worn over matching or contrasting underskirts.  Long, jacket-like fitted bodices called basques were also popular for daywear.

In men’s fashion, the three-piece suit consisting of jacket, waistcoat and trousers in the same fabric emerged as a novelty.

The Edwardian period was characterised by long elegant lines. Tall, stiff collars for men, broad hats and the abandonment of the corset for ladies.

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