GEORGIAN 1700–1830;

During this period there was great abundance, elaboration and intricacy in clothing design. The French particularly wore elaborate court dress, colourful and rich in decoration.

For ladies, voluminous gowns had square necklines with ridged bodices and were decorated with ruching, lace and bows. Overskirts were gathered up to form swags. Hairstyles were elaborate, with tall headdresses the distinctive fashion.

Men wore knee length coats which flared out from the waist, had decorative buttons and large cuffs.  Waistcoats were embroidered and breeches worn to the knee with silk stockings and silver buckled shoes. Powdered whitewigs were an essential for men of substance, worn with a tricorn hat and knee high leather boots out of doors.

REGENCY 1795–1820;

This period of fashion history was greatly influenced by the ‘Prince Regent’ and took its inspiration from ancient Greece.
Ladies dresses were high-waisted to form the ‘empire silhouette’ with softly gathered straight skirts, low necklines and puff sleeves.
Mens ‘dress coats’ were fitted and straight, cut short and square at the front with tails to the knee at the back. High collared, ruffled shirts were worn underneath with a short waistcoat and narrow fitting trousers. The ‘Top Hat’ also made its entrance into fashion history.

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