1980’s ladies

1980’s fashion had some distinctive influences…shoulder pads were popular throughout the decade due to TV programmes such as ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’. Women wanted to ‘power dress’ to show that they were the equals of men and wore glitzy jewellery as a way of flaunting wealth.

‘Madonna’ became a fashion icon. Women copied her ‘street urchin’ look with short skirts worn over leggings, brassieres worn as outer clothing, bleached-untidy hair, crucifix jewellery, fishnet gloves, hair bows, lace gloves and tulle skirts. Shoes had pointed toes and spiked heels.

The movie ‘Flashdance’ made ripped sweatshirts popular and the arrival of the aerobics craze brought leotards into fashion in bright stripes or polka dots with matching tights, legwarmers, elastic headbands and belts.

An alternative ‘gothic’ fashion also emerged. ‘Goths’ wore black clothing made of leather and velvet, trimmed with lace. They wore their hair ‘back combed’ and had heavy eye-liner.

1980’s men

Men of the1980’s wore cut-off denim jackets, tight worn-out jeans, white-high trainers or ‘converse’ shoes and often had ‘mullet’ hairstyles and ‘designer stubbles’.

The teddy boy look was popular amongst fans of pop icons like ‘Shakin’ Stevens’.

Hawaiian shirts and cowboy boots became popular in the early 80’s, replaced by brightly coloured ‘Hammer pants’, aviator glasses and jackets towards the end of the decade.

Punk style continued to be characterized by ripped skinny jeans, worn band tee shirts, coloured mohawks, denim or leather jackets, ‘Doc Martin’ boots and dark eye shadow on pale skin.  Heavy metal fans adopted a similar look to that of ‘Punks’.

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