1960’s ladies

The 1960s was a diverse era for fashion… white go-go boots,  PVC dresses and coats, culottes, baby-doll dresses, mini-skirts, trouser suits and the pillbox hat all became extremely popular. Shift dresses in psychedelic prints and mismatched patterns were widely available and’ Mary Quant’ designed the iconic black and white chequered A-line dress.

False eyelashes were worn by women throughout the 1960s and hair was cut into various lengths and styles  and worn with pale lipstick.

Late in the decade hippies introduced bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints and flowing kaftans.

1960’s men

Menswear in the 1960’s was bright and colourful.  It included velvet suits, shirts with frilled collars and wide ties with crazy prints, stripes and patterns. Hair was worn shoulder length, hats were out, mop-tops, afros and facial hair were in!

Mods strongly influenced fashion sporting classy tailored Italian suits, topped with ‘parker’ anoraks which were their trademark.  Their shirts were slim fitted with button down collars and narrow ‘drain -pipe’ pants.

Rockers, in contrast, wore black leather jackets, had greased pompadour hairstyles, and wore pointed ‘winkle picker’ shoes or boots.

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