1920’s ladies

The most memorable fashion trend of the ‘Roaring ’20s’ was undoubtedly ‘the flapper’ look.

As women entered the workforce and some earned the right to vote, fashion trends became more accessible, masculine, and practical.  The look included flattened breasts and hips, short hairstyles such as the bob cut, Eton crop and the Marcel wave.  Fringing, Lace, feathers, sequins and strings of pearls added texture and interest to garments.

For the first time in centuries, women’s legs were seen with hemlines rising to the knee.  Drop-waisted dresses with pleats, gathers or slits allowed women to literally kick up their heels to new dances like ‘the Charleston’.

1920’s men

During the 1920’s men’s fashion also became less regimented and formal.  Men favoured pinstriped suits worn with a homburg or Trilby hat and two tone shoes.

During the summer months striped blazers, straw boaters and wide trousers known as ‘oxford bags’ came into fashion.

Plus-fours were commonly worn for recreational activities and teamed with a flat cap.

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